The leaves don’t turn orange in southern Louisiana.  It’s essentially hell but with really good food.

fall i need it



The Cure (1917) - Charlie Chaplin

Edna comes to the rescue.

I love the 3rd gif down where he does his little “ta da” to the audience. He did a similar thing towards the end of “The Pawnshop”“, more than in any other film period, in many of his Mutual short films he did a nod to the audience. 

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Brian Dettmer- a Decade of turning Book Surgery into Art

The richness and depth of the book is universally respected yet often undiscovered as the monopoly of the form and relevance of the information fades over time. The book’s intended function has decreased and the form remains linear in a non-linear world. By altering physical forms of information and shifting preconceived functions, new and unexpected roles emerge. This is the area I currently operate in. Through meticulous excavation or concise alteration I edit or dissect communicative objects or systems such as books, maps, tapes and other media. The medium’s role transforms. Its content is recontextualized and new meanings or interpretations emerge.


The only time it’s ok to ruin a book